Spokemore Consulting was established in early 2010 to concentrate on improving the bicycling and walking environment. As a sole proprietorship, Spokemore Consulting allows its founder and principal, Carol Levine, the opportunity to pursue projects that will advance the use of these nonmotorized modes for transportation and recreation and improve their connectivity to transit.

Recently, Ms. Levine has been joined by Michelle DeRobertis, P.E., who add significant expertise in traffic engineering, designing for Complete Streets and developing policy from the public agency perspective.

The firm's efforts focus on bicycle and pedestrian planning for cities, counties, and transit agencies in California and providing technical support to local and regional bicycle advocacy groups. Our work includes:
  • Bicycle and pedestrian plans
  • Facility desilgn for nonmotorized modes
  • Strategies for compliance with the Complete Streets Act of 2008 (AB 1358) including development of:
- General Plan policies
- City guidelines and procedures for multimodal access
- Implementation strategies
- Performance measures to monitor agency progress
  towards complete streets
  • Grant writing for transportation funding
  • City standard details, road design cross-sections, and maintenance policies that address bicycle and pedestrian needs
  • Multimodal collision analysis
  • Environmental review documents
  • Transit access studies
  • Community-based transportation plans
  • Railroad Quiet Zone studies
  • Transportation elements for general plans and specific plans

In addition, Spokemore Consulting offers a full range of graphic design, mapping, desktop publishing, technical editing, and website design services.

Spokemore Consulting is a DBE/UDBE certified woman-owned small business located in Oakland, California. For a full list of Spokemore certifications, go to the Certifications page.

Spokemore Consulting