Carol R. Levine – Founder and Principal
Ms. Levine is a transportation planner with more than 25 years of transportation planning experience focused on bicycle, pedestrian, and transit access issues. Her involvement in bicycle planning began in the late 1970’s when she completed her master’s thesis, The Bicycle as an Alternative Form of Transportation: Berkeley, California. During her tenure with Wilbur Smith Associates, Ms. Levine prepared many city and county bicycle plans throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and California. She participated in transportation and transit planning efforts from the standpoint of bicycle and pedestrian access, transit connectivity and wayfinding working extensively with BART, AC Transit and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. Because of her unique perspective on bicycle, pedestrian, and transit issues, Ms. Levine was instrumental on community-based mobility studies of transportation alternatives for transit dependent, low-income populations. She also prepared Quiet Zone studies assessing the needed improvements for communities to establish a Quiet Zone as well as evaluated the condition of railroad crossings for bicycle and pedestrian access.

In addition to her planning expertise, Ms. Levine is an active bicycle advocate and longtime member of the Oakland Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee and Bay Area Bicycle Coalition (BABC). She also serves on the Caltrans District 4 Pedestrian Advisory Committee and Bicycle Advisory Committee.

Michelle DeRobertis P.E., Principal Transportation Engineer
Ms. DeRobertis has 30 years traffic engineering and transportation planning experience specializing in nonmotorized modes, traffic calming and bicycle traffic engineering. Her planning experience ranges from citywide and countywide bikeway networks to site-specific bicycle/pedestrian access. She has written numerous bicycle technical guidelines addressing the issues that bicyclists face in urban and rural areas such as conflicts at intersections, roadway design options for both arterials and local streets, and bike paths as transportation. She has developed conceptual design solutions for complicated roadway and intersection locations including freeway interchanges and the intersections of trails with roadways. In 2012/2013, she served on the Caltrans Highway Design Manual (HDM)/Congestion Management Agency (CMA) Working Group, whose aim is to revise the HDM to incorporate design standards that are appropriate for urban streets with bicycle and pedestrian activity. Michelle also serves on the Bicycle Technical Committee of the National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, where she stays abreast on the research conducted across the country of new and emerging approaches to bikeway accommodation. .

While on staff at the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA), Ms. DeRobertis was directly involved in the development and application of policy for local agencies. She provided review of local policies and plans including bicycle plans, pedestrian plans, and general plan circulation elements, most recently to assess compliance with AB 1358 (the Complete Streets Act of 2008).

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